The Beautiful Paige and the Handsome Eddie what a great couple from North Carolina!!!

Paige & Eddie, what can I say!  You're perfect, both of you.  So much love, laughter & friendship as well as lovers, husband & wife........this is what makes you both ONE  soul.

I remember every step of this union before it was even called an "us".  Paige, your love and kind heart sets you aside from others!  I'm so HAPPY for you.
Eddie, Ive seen your fun side and  your serious side.  So happy you found Paige.  TREAT her like a princess and she will make your home a Kingdom!   I am overjoyed you found one another.

Love lots, hugs lots, forgive always, don't make a big deal of the little things and Laugh....laugh a lot, that is how you know you are with your soul mate, your best friend & your forever love.

Enjoy reliving your beautiful wedding day!