Ellen and Keith's Wedding Music Video

Ellen & Keith, what can I say!  First, CONGRATULATIONS to you both.

From the moment I drove into Brooklyn to meet you both, I saw the excitement and the love of the anticipation for your wedding day!  Ellen, you are a breath of fresh air, full of smiles, love and happiness & Keith, all I can say is you COMPLETE her!  You complete one another!

Then there is your puppy!  Jits....you're a lucky pup.  But I gotta say, Ellen & Keith you both are so lucky to have Jit's love, hugs and cuddles.

Your wedding day was amazing, beautiful and filled with love and happiness with all of your favorite people.  May you re-live that day over and over again, as Nathan Skyes sings.

Hugs, kisses and much LOVE be with you both as you begin your new journey!