Virginia & Clif's Wedding - Slo Mo Video Booth Clip

Virginia & Clif booked us in 2013 after she saw Sara & Zach's wedding clips.
I was so excited to meet them.  Virginia is an adorable, cute red head ( much like my future daughter-in-law) & Clif is a very handsome, sexy guy!  They compliment one another in every way.
I loved this couple right from the start.

Congratulations to this couple who tied the know, this past Thursday on LI.

Time passed and one day Virginia FB messaged me asking if we do SLO MO VIDEO BOOTH'S ?
I had never seen this.  She directed me to the sites and LOVED what I saw.  After much thought, discussion & enthusiasim, I decided to do it and……the rest is history.

So please enjoy, laugh, laugh, enjoy Virgina & Clif's SLO MO VIDEO BOOTH.

P.S. - this option is now a part of my additional services.  YAY!  I love it.
It will be dedicated to this young couple!