My Cousin Eli & his beautiful wife Susan - their Wedding Day Music Video

Eli is my 1st cousin. He and Susan married on June 30th, 2013 and had a wonderful day. their story is long and heartwarming. Eli has cancer and has been battling it for many many years and when Susan came into his life, the world was filled with hope and love for Eli. So on their wedding day, with their children, our families joined and God gave Eli & Susan Safi a new lease on life. Eli & Susan, you are 2 of the most courageous & faithful people I know. I love you both and I know God will guide the way for your both. Eli, you are our ROCK. Your faith give me hope and your positive spirit is so infectious! I pray that God blesses you both and your children and your LOVE for many, many more years to come. Eli, you got this, cuz <3 love, marie