Stephanie & Jonathan's Wedding Day Trailer

Stephanie & Jonathan had a beautiful wedding day.  The weather was gorgeously hot & everyone totally enjoyed themselves.  Their Trailer & pictures are proof of the SO much fun they had.

They live in AZ but family & friends still live in NY the wedding was held at the Watermill in Smithtown, NY

Wild Rose Video filmed Jonathan's sister's wedding back in 2008 which made our relationship a little more personal.

Even though Stephanie was a long distance bride, we were in touch in every way possible.
And whenever or where ever I was,  I tried to accommodate her quickly because I knew she was a long distance bride.

Oh!  One last statement ...........Stephanie is VERY photogenic and is a happy happy person!
Jonathan, just compliments her every move with his own jolly self.  This couple is a match made in HEAVEN.  They smile, laugh and Love often.......

love always,