Kellie & Christine, 2 amazing ladies I had the pleasure of meeting in Oct. of this year.
Their wedding was Oct. 13th and I met them Oct. 3rd.  lol

After they viewed a co-workers Music Video, Christine & Kellie knew they wanted one just like it but telling their story.

Cherry Lane Farms in Greenport, NY  .........WOW!  Loved Loved their day.  With little signs, games, and the most comfortable family wedding with their loved ones and friends was so unique.
Every so often, we get the chance to film these very unique weddings and when we do, we LOVE it.

Well, we are now friends.  Christine & Kellie came to my house with a car load of goods for the SANDY victims that were taken to the Lindenhurst FD.  Right then and there, I knew this was a forever friendship.

Their love, the light in their eyes and their families are mirrored in this clip.....THEIR wedding day!

Love, Healthy, Happiness & more Love to you both,