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Stephanie & Joseph 4/23/17 Garden City, SC

My daughter's wedding day!  It poured SHOWERS of Love, Health & Happiness as they said "I DO" Love this one shot of my son-in-law sweeping her away to safety & dryer land.
These were the words they spoke, my photographer overheard their conversation...........
"One of the most memorable moments for me, was when it started down pouring during the vows. I ran under the tent and watched all the guests start running for cover. Then I saw Joe pick up his lovely bride over his shoulder and carry her to dry land. I was snapping away at her expression. Howevrt, that was only part of the memory. What I witnessed next was just true true love. Stephanie and Joe just soaked, holding hands and looking at each other with big smiles. Below is the conversation that I heard and witnessed
Joe: are you okay? Steph: How incredible was that???
Joe: awwww....your dress is ruined Steph: I DON'T CARE!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!
Joe: I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! Steph: I LOVE Y…

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